Free spirits and wild flowers, 07/25/14

You’ll always be my best friend.
                   P.S. I miss you.


Steve Rogers vs Chris Evans - The Winter Soldier Gag Reel (x)

1x02 - 10x18

make me choose - The 100 or Reign

"I was born in space. I’ve never felt the sun on my face or breathed real air or floated in the water. None of us have. For three generations, The Ark has kept what’s left of the human race alive, but now our home is dying, and we are the last hope of mankind. One hundred prisoners sent on a desperate mission to the Ground. Each of us is here because we broke the Law. On the Ground, there is no Law. All we have to do is survive. But we will be tested: by the Earth, by the secrets it hides, and most of all, by each other."


im really tired of europeans on here reblogging posts about racism in america and adding shocked disapproving comments like “get it together america lol” as if there isn’t an enormous amount of racism in europe and as if it wasn’t the europeans that first colonized the new world that planted the seed of racism in north america


Kumiko Y.Z

Zachary Levi’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge x